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Vastu Tips – How to Boost Positive Energy in Your Home

Vastu Tips – How to Boost Positive Energy in Your Home

In our daily lives, we often go through many inevitable problems and whose reasons are unknown. The reasons may seem to be of your issues, but who knows if those problems arise because of the disturbed Vastu of your house.

It’s always advisable when planning for a new house. One must follow the universal guidelines for the placement of any object, furniture, decors, etc. to get the best output from the home and live a happy life.

If you are the one who believes in Vastu and is planning to purchase a new home, this article will provide the right information on having a Vastu -friendly home. Read the tips given below, which provide a better idea of reconstituting your Vastu for home.

Direction of the House 

The house entrance is not just for your guest’s or member’s entry into the house, but it channelizes the flow of energies from both sides. Before you purchase a house, one should keep in mind that the entrance’s ideal direction is “North, East or North -East.”

This will allow a positive vibe to navigate and symbolize peace and harmony among the house members. Also, It brings differences in the well-being of the family.

Direction of Rooms facing 

Do you know that every room has a uniquely designated direction in Vastu Shastra? It likely helps to consider these while purchasing or constructing your home. Every corner of the house has its specified effects on health, finances, adversities, happiness, and moods.

We will tell you about the ideal positions and placements of some of the significant room standards in every house.

Kitchen: A kitchen is where our food is brought, kept, and cooked, which automatically imparts health. If the position is wrong, according to Vastu, it may have adverse effects on the household.

According to Vastu, an ideal kitchen should be placed in the south-east direction of the house. One should never buy a house in which the kitchen is built in the North direction.


Master Bedroom: A master bedroom is where the family’s main person rests and gathers peace. If the room isn’t placed in the right direction, it can affect a person’s mental peace and health. Ideally, the master bedroom should be constructed in the south-west direction. It should never be in the south-east direction since the fire element governs this direction.

Kids Room: Your child’s room should be placed in the south-west direction. We should make sure that kids sleep with their head towards the south or east for mental peace in life ahead.

Toilet: These are usually unconcerned parts of the house, but you never know how bad it can be if it’s in the wrong direction. Ideally, the Vastu Shastra for building a toilet/bathroom should usually be in the West or North-West direction.

It is better to avoid purchasing homes with toilets in directions other than this since there are no specific measures that can counter this direction’s effects.

Shapes and Forms for House

We may like decorating homes with different shapes and designs to make them look attractive, but one must be intuitive enough to make the right choice as it may affect the Vastu of your home.

One should avoid having circular or oval rooms as they have harmful impacts on health and other life prospects. Make sure your room follows Straight strict lines and are rectangular or square. This creates a straight forward mindset with positive elements of the earth.

Installation of Overhead Tank 

The overhead tank should ideally be installed in the West or South – West. If you place it in the south-west direction, make sure you place it 2 feet above the top slab.

Ventilation is a Must 

While purchasing a house you should keep in mind that the house is well ventilated. As sunlight is essential for living and Air inflow keeps the house fresh. It also indicates the inflow of money and well -being and brings positive energies around. It is always better to have ventilation installed in the house, and If one has a balcony, it is better than the best.

The Septic Tank Placement 

A septic tank of the households the waste from kitchen and bathrooms so it is essential to place it rightly, as wrong placement of a septic tank can have adverse effects on the people living in that house. Ideally, it should be placed in the North-West Direction and should not touch the compound’s walls at any cost.


Vastu undoubtedly plays an essential role in creating a balanced lifestyle and greatly impacts people’s minds living in the house. Vastu Shastra must be followed as all the communities agree to it.

We hope our tips regarding the Vastu shastra will be helpful to you while purchasing your new house.

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