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Vaastu Mahajeevan
  • Vastu Consultants
  • Established In 1997
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Vastu Samrat considered as the foremost vastu expert in India, Vastu Mahajeevan Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal a well-known vastu expert was born in Haryana. He spent 17 years of dedication in vastu. He has a reputation of giving satisfaction through work that ignited the curiosity to gain knowledge of Vastu. During research work he found solutions to negative energy associated with the surroundings.

Vastu Mahajeevan

Nowadays we consider Vastu an essential part of life. But we hardly give its due recognizance. We explore no. of things to get a fix but don’t know the root cause of Vastu fault. It started in 1997 by Dr. Gaurav Sri Aggarwal.

Mission Mahajeevan

The great mission of Vastu Mahajeevan is to help people to see change of fortunes in health, wealth & prosperity and helps in maintaining harmony at home. It explains vastu in a scientific and logical manner so that people will come out of superstitions and get benefitted.

Vision of Vastu Mahajeevan

We started a course to help in giving proper guidance and remove the misconceptions or ill-effects of Vastu. It helps others to get success in their lives.

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Dr Gaurav Sri Agarwal
B 13 Swasthya Vihar New Delhi 110092

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+91 9313224466
[email protected]

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