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  • Established In 2000
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Our purity lies in our name as we are a group of consultants established in 2000. We specialize in the topics of personality, relationship & love. We provide small solutions for bigger problems be it personal or career related.

We offer services in different sections:

Pooja - It is the most performed ritual practice amongst Hindus on almost every occasion. It is also being performed by Jains, Buddhist & Sikhs.

Feng Shui - It is an ancient & most trusted system based upon the observation of heavenly time and earthly space.

Remedies - In daily lives we often come to face many challenges & hurdles. So it is important to fix all that at right time.

Patrika Making - Making of Janam Patrika is very important and the foremost step after a new born baby comes in someone’s life.

Sanskriti is a group of experienced consultants having more than 15 years of experience in vastu shastra and astrology providing solutions to all your problems. 

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