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Samanvay Vastu Consultancy
  • Vastu Consultants
  • Established In 2000
  • Rating: 5 star
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At Samanvay Vastu Consultancy (SVC), we adhere to the mechanism of scientific approach to Vastu Shastra, using international techniques of energy measurements and Land - Body energy balancing. We use hi-tech instruments like Lecher Antenna, Bio-Feedback, Dr. Gauss Meter etc. Established in the year 2000. Since past years, we have worked on a number of residential & commercial projects, aiming full customer satisfaction.

Services Offered:

  • Complete Vastu Consultation
  • Vastu Rectification of new & existing structures.
  • Energy measurement of the plot and building with Lacher Anteena instrument.
  • Body measurements and energy balancing using Bio-feedback body energy measuring kit.
  • Oils, Herbs and colour balancing.
  • Shielding, reflectors, pyramids and yatra balancing.
  • Measurement of Geopathic stresses.

Instruments Used :

  • Lecher Antenna
  • Bio feedback
  • Acmapol
  • Quanto ACMOS
  • Oil Herbs & Color Kit
  • Dr. Guass Meter
  • Bovis Bio Meter
  • EMF Sensor

About Sonal Goel:

Er. Sonal Goel is a young and dynamic Vastu professional with a Civil Engineering degree. She has been providing services in the field of Bio-energetic and Vastu Science since 1999. She is a certified Bio-Energitician from SBJ Institute, Paris which offers an emerging concept of ACMOS method of Energy balancing & Bio-biology.

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Sonal Goel
A -75, 2nd Floor Sector 5 Noida (U.P) 201301

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+91 9971994919
[email protected]

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1 comment

  • Author Photo
    Soumil Goel on April 03rd , 2016 :

    Very professional and expert advise. I took her consultation for my new house and was completely satisfied with her work. I strongly recommend her for any vastu work.