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Saiamit Astrologer
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Saiamit Astrologer came with a vision to bring easier solutions to complex issues. It is more like giving you the right keys to open a lock. It reached such a stage where no. of people are recognizing its presence. He is expertise in astrology, vastu, reiki, past life regression & theta healing. He has gone through a learning phase of Astrology which is hard to practice these days.


It brings you the best of Veda in an easy form.  It provides you a complete solution through the difficult transition of any malignant disease with science & ancestral wisdom. It has sub-sections include

  • Life reading or Natal Report
  • Karma Report
  • Past life Report
  • Inner Healing Report
  • Career Success
  • Travel Forecast
  • Planetary Motion Forecast
  • Couples or Partnership Report


 It is divided into two sub-sections 1) Commercial Vastu 2) Residential Vastu covering all the aspects of it.

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Flat No.3, Ground Floor, Shikha Apartment Plot No.48, I.P. Extension (Near Domino's) Delhi - 110092

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+91 9013712712
[email protected]

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