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Monk Card is all about helping people to find fortunes with a deck of cards. It is produced by sage Maharishi to improve Adhatmik. It is produced by sage Maharishi to improve your adhatmik…It is done by using a Tarot Card that is to ensure the idea of considering the Shudh  Hrisio architecture, art and interior decoration.

Vastu Shastra

It is a helpful guide to bring .It shows you the right direction by the means of architectural iconography and decoration to create the necessary housing. It helps people to tackle things negative elements which dampen the happiness, peace, wealth, etc.


Interiors Decoration of the house is to create a beautiful environment. The interiors of the house is to keep the architectural decoration in a way that eliminates defects of the premises and gives it a beautiful look.

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    Rannjit A Singh on May 23rd , 2016 :

    Pl provide services and charges therefor Regards