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  • Established In 2001
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We are the hub of Vastu ,Vedic astrology ,gemology and other mystic sciences that pour light into your life through the divine channel  of Vivek Chopra a Vastu Expert. He is an international & national award winner diamond & gold medalist, the founder and astro guru. His insightful guidance using these occults tool helped businessmen, celebrities and people from all walks of life. In order to progress every individual needs to have inside & outside balance. Sometimes there may be internal and external blockages. We help people to get rid of such blockages.

Gems help us channelizing the cosmic flow of energy as well as clear blockages and remove impediments. It provides malefic effects of plants or to provide synergistic power. In order to attain maximum prosperity, the vastu of the house & workplace should be in an ideal state.

We often end up crying and say our fate is bad when something falls in a wrong place. It is not only the fate one can change the future with skilled guidelines and nip the issue in bud.

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Vivek Chopra
X – 66 First Floor Main Market West Patel Nagar Opp. Liberty Showroom New Delhi – 110008

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+91 9212431069
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